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This usage arose from property owners finding the word in their title deeds, where  bread is baked on the premises — хлеб, испеченный на месте the were evicted from the premises — были выселены из жилого помещения the basic  The book Heidegger, Strauss, and the Premises of Philosophy: On Original Forgetting, Richard L. Velkley is published by University of Chicago Press. 2 Does the meaning of “food prepared on the premises when it is subject to heating” as detailed in Class 11 include reheating of cooked meals?. Answer: The  All types of nbn™ broadband access network connections that utilise a physical line running to the premises are considered Fixed Line connections. An nbn™  On the premises Sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date with our special and promotional offers. This website uses COOKIES.

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n. also prem·iss 1. A proposition upon which an argument is based or from which a conclusion is drawn. 2.

Neither the building nor the structure nor the means of transport need  Standing on the Promises or Sitting on the Premises?

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The company leases part of the premises to smaller businesses. The premises were searched by the police. [+] more examples [-] … On-premises solutions are tied to a particular building or premises, while off-premises solutions are ‘baked’ outside and can serve different venues. SaaS, on the other hand, is (mostly) hosted and maintained by the same provider and allows users to access information remotely without having to request information from enterprise servers.

On the premises

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Autonomous Community taxes on premises occupied by large commercial companies. Regional skatt på lokaler som innehas av stora affärsföretag. MicrosoftLanguagePortal.

Shopping Center on Avenida de las Provincias. Located on the ground floor with a street facade. It has 76 m2 built,  - Be quick with your errands. Each visitor is allowed 15 minutes in the premises. - Return your books in the assigned return chutes (in Swedish, bokinkast.) - Use  English: We generate money by serving Google text advertisements on a network of hidden Websites. With this money we automatically buy Google shares.
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Suitable for smaller seminars and meetings. Both rooms are equipped  Visa kontaktuppgifter och information om On The Premises. Dela. Föreslå ändringar. Mer. Skicka meddelande.

For some reason, some people in the tech world (including many smart people) think it’s correct to say “on-premise” to refer to software running on hardware located on the premises. Vertalingen van 'on the premises' in het gratis Engels-Nederlands woordenboek en vele andere Nederlandse vertalingen. On-premises : Letzter Beitrag: 15 Mär. 10, 16:15: On-premises Software: 1 Antworten: robbery inside premises - die Geschäftsberaubung : Letzter Beitrag: 02 Mai 11, 12:26: Siehe auch robbery on the premises [insur.] die Lokalberaubung Für englische Seite kann … 1 Antworten: die Prämissen - the premises: Letzter Beitrag: 20 Mai 12, 14:53 When stored on the premises, the waste is kept separately.
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Show more on IMDbPro ». Technical  Please note that different premises have different lock systems and technical equipment. For this reason, always check the details with the premises booker! General rules on Campus.

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Letar du efter betydelsen eller definitionen av ordet premises på engelska? Detta är vad det betyder. Vi hittade 2 definitioner av premises  We at K-Fastigheter have several different types of premises that can suit your business's specific needs and wishes. In our property portfolio there are several  This historic environment is now a meaningful part of the Farang experience. Here, the industrial feel and scale of the premises live on, overlaid by more  Gateway management until recently, supported only one data source definition per data source on an on-premises data gateway.

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De populära sevärdheterna Nara-parken och Todaiji-templet  on premises - Engelsk-svensk ordbok - "on premises" i titeln: Ingen diskussion med "on premises" hittades i Nordic Languages forumet. På Naturens och Ljusets premisser. On the premises of Nature and Light.

(2B)A record kept on the premises under sub paragraph (2A) must be produced to a. Licensing Standards Officer on request. The attached documentation will evidence my interest in the subject premises. ( SIGNATURE). Sworn to me this day of. , 20. Notary Public.